IANA IPv6 Showcase

Thu 29 Oct 2009 - 15:00 - 16:30
Sapphire 4 (L3)
The discussion will be led by a moderator and will feature contributions from registrar, back-end registry services and other registries. The discussion leader will seek input from other attendees.
High Bandwidth

What it is | This session is a community discussion about the need for IPv6 deployment in domain registration services and the DNS. The discussion will include participants from the domain name registrar and registry communities, IP addressing community and network operators. It is not a panel session. There will not be slideshows and presentations. Instead, the people attending the session will be encouraged to participate in a discussion which will cover an analysis of the problem, the reason for the domain registration community to become involved, the risks of inaction and the costs involved in enabling IPv6.

Why it's Important | The Internet currently operates using IPv4 but the IPv4 address space will be fully allocated in the next two years. When IPv4 addresses are no longer freely available they will become more expensive to new entrants. IPv6 is far larger than IPv4 and has the capacity to provide plenty of addresses to everyone at a very low cost. But IPv6 is not yet widely deployed and the domain registration industry needs to take action to make sure that it can provide registration and DNS services to the people without IPv4 to number their networks.

Who should attend? | Attendees and participants from domain name registrars, domain resellers, DNS services provision, back-end registry services, ISPs, web and mail hosting providers and the addressing community will find this session interesting and useful. The session is open to everyone.