Public Forum

Thu 29 Oct 2009 - 08:00 - 12:00
Crystal (L2)
High Bandwidth


Session goals and outcomes:


The public forum is the community's opportunity to make comments on the main topics in front of ICANN at each meeting directly to the Board and in front of the rest of the community.


The goal is to give a public and open forum for issues to be raised toward the end of the meeting and draw the community and Board's attention to anything important.


The public forum is split up into the main topics of the Seoul meeting with a time alotted for each subject (see below). Attendees are encouraged to be brief and concise to enable as many people to speak as possible. A microphone is placed near the front of the room and commenters line up behind it to take their turn in asking a question.


Answerable questions are much preferred to comments, and both are preferred to statements - which can be incorporated into the official record without the need to read them out. If there are a large number of commenters, a two-minute clock may be introduced.


The ideal outcome of the public forum is that everyone who has an important issue to raise is able to relate it to the Board while also making the community aware of the issue.


The issues for discussion and their time slots are provided below.

Agenda Details: 

Affirmation of Commitments
(1 hour)


Fast Track (IDN ccTLDs)
(30 minutes)


gTLD overarching issues
(1 hour)


Registry/registrar separation
(30 minutes)

Document deadline policies
(30 minutes)

(30 minutes)