Non-Commercial Users Constituency Meeting (NCUC)

Tue 23 Jun 2009 - 09:00 - 17:30
Function 4 (L2)

What it is |  The Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is the home for civil society organisations in ICANN's Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO).

Agenda details: 

DRAFT Discussion Agenda for NCUC Meeting 

Morning Discussion

I.  Substantive Policy Discussions
 1.  GNSO Restructuring Discussion
 2.  Introduction of New gTLD Policy Concerns
a)    General Concerns about Proposed New gTLD Policy
i)               Implementation Plan Differs From GNSO Recommendations
ii)             Staff Unresponsiveness to NCUC & Lack of Follow-Thru on Providing Documents to Substantiate Invented Legal Stds.
iii)            Exorbitant and Unnecessary Costs to Apply for New gTLD
b)    Concerns About Intellectual Property Rights Team Report Recommendations to Expand Trademark Rights
c)    Concerns About Morality & Public Order Mandates
d)    Other Concerns: GAC’s Request to Own Geographical Names / Community Rights / Favoritism for Established Players / Internationalized Domain Names
e)    How to respond / strategize
 3.  Registrant Rights Charter
4.  ICANN “Improving Institutional Confidence”
5.  ICANN Joint Project Agreement
6.  Update on other GNSO teams (whois, Registration Abuse, Fast Flux, Post-Expiration Domain Names, travel policy, RAA) 

Afternoon Discussion:

II.  NCUC Administrative / Constituency Business
1.  Visit from Board Structural Improvements Committee
2.    NCUC Representation on GNSO Committees / Working Groups
 3.  Recruiting New NCUC Members & Participants – we need strong advocates for noncommercial users.
4.  Upcoming elections for Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group Positions:                                   
All Executive Committee Seats and 4 of 6 GNSO Council Seats
5.  Next NCUC Monthly Meeting: To Be Doodled 13-19 JULY 2009
6.  Any Other Business