GNSO Council Meeting
10:30am -12:30pm, Friday, 2 December 2005
(please note that the times for this day's agenda has been revised
Grand Ballroom A,B,C
Westin Bayshore
Vancouver, BC

Draft Agenda
Coordinated Universal Time UTC 18:30
(10:30 Vancouver, 05:30 (Saturday) Melbourne))

Item 1: Election of GNSO Council chair for period 4 Jan 06 to 3 Dec 2006

Item 2: Terms of reference for new TLDs
(staff recommendation from issues report)

  1. Should new top level domain names be introduced?
    1. Given the information provided here and any other relevant information available to the GNSO, the GNSO should assess whether there is sufficient support within the Internet community to enable the introduction of new top level domains. If this is the case the following additional terms of reference are applicable.
  2. Selection Criteria for New Top Level Domains
    1. Using the existing selection criteria from previous top level domain application processes and relevant criteria in registry services re-allocations, develop modified or new criteria which specifically address ICANN's goals of expanding the use and usability of the Internet. In particular, examine ways in which the allocation of new top level domains can meet demands for broader use of the Internet in developing countries.
    2. Examine whether preferential selection criteria could be developed which would encourage new and innovative ways of addressing the needs of Internet users.
    3. Examine whether distinctions between restricted, unrestricted, sponsored and unsponsored top level domains are necessary and how the choice of distinctions meets the interests of relevant stakeholders.
    4. Examine whether additional criteria need to be developed which address ICANN's goals of ensuring the security and stability of the Internet.
    5. Examine whether additional criteria can be developed to normalize and simplify the administrative process of selecting and implementing new top level domains.
  3. Allocation Methods for New Top Level Domains
    1. Using the experience gained in previous rounds of top level domain name application processes, develop modified or new criteria which simplify and standardize the allocation methods for selecting new top level domain names.
    2. Examine the full range of allocation methods including auctions, ballots and comparative evaluation processes to determine the most predictable and stable method of implementing additions to the Internet root.
    3. Examine how allocation methods could be used to achieve ICANN's goals of fostering competition in domain name registration services and encouraging a diverse range of registry services providers.
  4. Contractual Conditions for New Top Level Domains
    1. Using the experience of previous rounds of top level domain name application processes and the recent amendments to registry services agreements, develop modified or new contractual criteria which are publicly available prior to any application rounds.
    2. Examine whether additional contractual conditions are necessary to improve ICANN's contractual compliance regime to provide predictability and security of registry services.
    3. Examine whether a registry services code of conduct, in addition to contractual conditions, would improve a compliance regime which is easily understandable and recognizes differences in approaches to offering registry services whilst, at the same time, ensuring the stability and security of the Internet.

Item 3: Issues report on IDNs

Proposed motion:

WHEREAS, the GNSO Council recognises that one of the goals of ICANN to increase the internationalisation of the domain name space.

WHEREAS, the GNSO Council wishes to liaise closely with the ccNSO with respect to the issue of localised IDN equivalents of existing gTLDs and ccTLDs, and for the purpose of jointly requesting an issues report.

The GNSO Council requests that the staff produce an issues report on the policy issues associated with creating internationalised equivalents of existing gTLDs, and second level domains within existing gTLDs.

The GNSO also requests that the staff liaise with the ccNSO to ensure that the policy issues associated with internationalised versions of the existing ccTLDs can also be considered.

Item 4: Vote of thanks for outgoing Council members