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ICANN Yokohama Meeting Topic - Introduction of New Top-Level Domains: Expression of Interest #28

Posted: 15 July 2000

LanMinds, Inc. has been involved in the TLD debate for over 5 years. LanMinds first applied to IANA, Network Solutions, and AlterNic for the Top Level Domain .fam on July 23rd, 1995. Since that date, LanMinds has been a member of CORE, AlterNic, as well as EDNS. We have waited patiently for the inclusion of new Top Level Domains into the root. We have been part of the discussions on the various TLD mailing lists for almost 5 years. LanMinds is fully prepared to run a domain registry.

Below is an e-mail Jon Postel which shows LanMinds first claim for the TLD .fam

>X-Authentication-Warning: majordomo set sender to
>owner-iahc-discuss using -f
>From: postel@ISI.EDU
>Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 12:47:44 -0800
>Posted-Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 12:47:44 -0800
>Subject: The IANA's File of iTLD Requests
>Cc: postel@ISI.EDU, iana@ISI.EDU
>Precedence: bulk
>Here is a preliminary summary of the file of messages, including domain
>name registration forms, received by the IANA since Septermber 1995.
>In most cases if a reply was sent at all it said something like:
> While there is much discussion of a process for establishing
> new registries and new top level domains taking place, no
> conclusions have been reached as yet.
> Request sent to the IANA for a new top level domain will be
> filed with the many other requests. There is some considerable
> possibility that this particular request will not be granted
> (in simple words -- don't plan on it).
>This list was put together by reviewing the messages accumulated in a
>mail file set up for this purpose. It is likely that a few requests
>were overlooked in the process of setting up this file. If you made a
>request that is not listed here, plase forward a copy of your original
>message to IANA@IANA.ORG. Please put in the subject line of the
>message "New TLD Request" and the specific iTLD involved. We will look
>again into our old mail to confirm the requests and add it to this
>NOTE is one of FORM, MAIL. FORM means that the IANA mailbox
>received a domain name template for this name. MAIL means that the
>IANA maibox received a message about this domain name.
> < many names deleted . . .>
>.FAM FORM 23 Jul 1996 10:03:45 Gary Morrell <gary@LanMinds.Com>
< many names deleted . . .>

Gary Morrell
President, LanMinds, Inc.
1700 Martin Luther King Way
Berkeley, CA. 94709

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