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Re: [Membership] ICANN, MAC and membership@icann.org: WHY IT ISN'T WORKING

ESTHER: What you say is what I have asked for: a presentation and discussion
of the ideas and problems - XCEPT- i don't see them tabled out showing the
item and the points for and against , or a ISHAKAWA fishbone chart or any
other recognized decision making tools. 

I think the comments about pick and choose may be correct. Who are the picker
and choosers? I keep getting told there is only one paid individual and
everyone elsr is a volunteer. Is it the volunteer board members and if so what
is there pros and cons on each item. If it is the Harvard folk - what is there
positions and rationals?

 what are the positions of the commentators? in a summary by Harvard

Do something besides have Us flack back and forth between ourselves as
commentators.  I think that all of us commentators are smart enough to know
that we can agree to agree or agree to disagree - but where are you at?
thank you steve witkin