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[Membership] Hamsterdance

BRPWIT@aol.com a écrit:

> You say what place does that
> have in these high and mighty discussion - well the internet has also allowed
> millions of people to ENJOY and not have to be in it for only serious things -
> HOW DO we treat and handle these folks?

The answer to this question, according to 75% of the people now deciding the
fate of the Internet (I don't mean the people on these lists, but the real
movers and shakers, like ISOC, ICC, INTA, WIPO, CENTR, etc.) is that they
shouldn't have domain names and websites because it doesn't make money for

But don't worry, Steve. When all the liars and cheats and greed-heads have
destroyed this Internet we'll start another one, or just let them sit around
in dark rooms sending messages to each other, while we meet somewhere in the
light of day and dance the hamster dance.