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RE: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

IN the main Karl, that's where our discussions are converging..an individual
based model...issue is "who" at first..domain name, email, no email but

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Subject: Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

> Do these comments indicate a preference for limiting
> membership to certain categories of people/organizations?
> > rus, I am inclined to think we should move slowly on opening up
> > in an unlimited way UNTIL we understand how the membership process works
> > against a more understood or qualified database of constituents.

I had the same thought when I read the above paragraph.

Considering that both you and I, in our personal capacitities, are not
able to fit into any of the classes of membership under some of the
proposals (especially the SO proposals), it could well be that we find
outselves unable to be members.

Most of the membership class structures which I have seen to date are very
biased towards corporate interests.  As such it could well be that even if
a category for individual membership is created it would be effectively

My own suggestion: no classes.  Only people as members.  Anyone coming up
with the initiation fee and the necessary identification can be a member.