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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

George and all,

  Scale in what way?  Could you please define you meaning of "Scale"?
In addition, I would add that if you intend to advocate that only a limited
number of stakeholders can become members, how do you justify this
against the requirements of the White Paper?

George Conrades wrote:

> Until the PROCESS is better understood so we can open it up with a sense
> that it will scale.
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> Mr. Conrades writes:
> ? ... I am inclined to think we should move slowly on opening up
> ? membership in an unlimited way UNTIL we understand how the membership
> ? process works against a more understood or qualified database of
> ? constituents.
>  You are telling me I should be limited until
>  I somehow am unbderstood or qualified ? Who
>  do you think you are anyways George? Under
>  what authority (none) do you dare to tell
>  citizens to back of or get lost? All this
>  gets more and more corrupt and more and more
>  funny. Especially how you all, even the so-
>  called critics, merrily allow this nonsense
>  to continue instead of bringing it all to
>  a sudden and permanent stand-still.
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