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Re: [Membership] MAC reports and models-New URLs

George and all,

  Though we (INEGroup) agree with your reference to Scotts contention below,
we also fail to see as well, how the dictatorial style of practice of the ICANN
contributes to the ICANN "Initial" and Interim board is a reasonable
of openness, transparency, and accountability to the stakeholders as well...

George Conrades wrote:

> We're certainly learning about public life! Keep Moving would seem the motto
> here.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott Bradner [mailto:sob@harvard.edu]
> Sent: Sunday, February 07, 1999 2:12 PM
> To: membership@icann.org
> Subject: RE: [Membership] MAC reports and models-New URLs
> I will say that I fail to understand how personal attacks on the people
> that make up the ICANN board will help make ICANN an open, responsive and
> membership driven organization.
> Scott


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