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Re: [Membership] Could this actually be the horse? I.e. the answer?

At 13:43 11/02/99 -0600, Eric Weisberg wrote:

>Do we have empirical (or other) data indicating the
>and disadvantages of various election mechanisms, such as

Eric ,

New Zealand changed it's old voting system of "first -past-the-post" to a
mixed member system of proportional representation
a few years ago as a result of a popular Referendum.

STV was one of the options that was rejected.
A lot of material was published at the time to help the voters consider
their options.

As the voting for the ICANN board will be a voting for individuals, rather
than parties (that can have "list members")
my preferred voting system would be a system whereby people can express
their preferences, both positively and negatively.
A Yes or No vote on each candidate and the yes votes are divided by the no
votes. (rational approval)
Look also at the "offset approval" method. (All candidates are rated on a
scale +10 to -50)

Such a system is called Approval voting and it is neither subjected to
manipulation or to random distortions. See my previous posting on mike
saari's paper. http://www.democracy.org/approvalvote.htm
IMHO this system would  particularly suit the electronic environment.