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Re: Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic of ICANN?

A 11:14 12/02/99 -0000, Dr Nii Quaynor a écrit :
(after Darrell Greenwood said:)
>>In the case of individual and organization memberships, the CEO can
>>join as an individual and vote as an individual, and the CEO can have
>>the organization join, then vote as the organization. Two votes.
>>Could be perceived as being unfair. Offhand, I think I perceive it as
>>being unfair, so I rather like the individual memberships only. No

Kent Crispin's proposal avoids that problem: an organization can join and
designates one representative. This representative has one vote, and can
not vote again as an individual member.

>Would you consider having both individual and organizational memberships but
>only individuals can vote?

I don't see what good it would do. Why would an organization join in this
case? I know ISOC's "sponsorship" model was mentionned, but this is only
for large or large-ish, highly motivated companies. I'm more interested in
small organizations.

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