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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

hi *,

sorry, I'm not Daniel, but I want also to answer you...

At 19:58 14.02.99 , Michael Sondow wrote:
>Daniel Kaplan a écrit:
>> - Furthermore, I would not like ICANN to be sponsored by firms. This would
>> cast a heavy doubt on its objectivity, since a share of its budget would
>> depend on these sponsors.
>At present, 100% of its budget depends on corporate sponsors. How
>does this reflect on its objectivity, in your opinion?

At the moment ICANN looks like a closed group of people and organizations
which are doing something and he normal Individual doesn't get very much.
Of course there are many informations but only now ICANN startet for
example to set up discussion lists.
It is very important the the big firms are not (only) members in the ICANN.
Only if there are different little people from all over the world ICANN can
get the trust of them and can operate like the highest instance in the
What's about the finance? I don't realyy know. But let's take the last time
of IANA. Why can't ICANN be financed from the different nic's?

Perhaps I said something you discussed before - if so please foreward me
the message(s) in a pm. But since a long time I tried to get into touch
with people of ICANN and I failed :-\

Michael Bracker, Germany
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