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Re: [Membership] DNS: Drawing the Wrong Conclusion

At 19:22 17-2-99 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:

>My point was that in my direct experience commercial/organizational
>domain names vastly outnumber "personal" domain names.  Period.  I
>invite everyone else look carefully at their own direct experience, 
>and draw their own conclusions.

For a bit more structured discussion:
In 1993 the USA introduced number portability and full competition for
1-800 numbers. This made for 1-800 numbers an architecture comparable to
the DNS.
At that time there were less than 10 million 1-800 numbers
Now there are roughly 25  million assigned.
The majority of those new numbers went to families, single person firm's etc.
The main reason was the decrease in cost for receiving such a number. As
far as I am told they are now available for roughly $5 a month. Allready
quite comparable to a Domain Name.

Due to the fact that in the USA alphanumeric ("vanity") numbering is
common. I think the 1-800 case is a very good example to look at as a
reference for this debate.

I would also point people at the fact that the amount of assigned 1-800
numbers in the USA is still roughly an order of magnitude larger than the
size of the .com domain in the DNS!

Kind Regards,

Hendrik Rood
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