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RE: [Membership] Density Representation

Yes, regions defined by density (IP addresses/population) is fluid but
it is a model which would automatically adapt itself through time.  
We will have to fix an interval for which region boundaries get updated
or recalibrated (say, every 3 years) so that it is not too confusing for
everyone.  That may be the additional difficulty that this method would
face as compared to other geographical/language regions model.


On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Joseph LeBaron wrote:

> Diane Cabell wrote:
> 	<<. . . a most interesting idea, which is something for serious
> thought.  She suggests organizing regions by density (users per capita
> of the general population).>>
> Comment:
> 	For starters, such an organizing principle is much more fluid -- and
> potentially inaccurate --  than geography.  Imagine, you would have to
> recalibrate your regions every time you had an election.
> 	 And an overlay? That would compound an already needlessly complicated
> approach.
> 	Also, consider the difficulties of enforcement, and the invasive approach
> ICANN would need to take to ensure that voters voted properly.
> 	I look forward to reading the comments of others.