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[Membership] Singapore, Shmingapore!

Michael Sondow writes:
> Finally, Joe Sims announced that as of last week ICANN is 
> officially the NewCo. Beckwith Burr was in attendance, and 
> acquiesced by her silence. The announcement was greeted with 
> applause from an auditorium of Asia-Pacific networkers whose 
> critical faculties had been dulled by their pleasure at being
> the center of dubious international attention. Mr. Sims omitted 
> any mention of the grounds for his proclamation and there were
> no inquiries, proponents and opponents of ICANN alike having
> long since abandoned any expectation of a legal or even a moral 
> excuse for its existence. B. Burr and D. Tellage were seen
> leaving the Suntec Center together, the pair laughing and
> enjoying themselves immensely.

 So what? It was a done deal from the start. You
 act like the entire future is mapped out and un-
 changeable except by the handfull of fools who
 slapped together ICANN. It ain't and poor self-
 agrandizing Michael is displaying a classic
 symptom of the co-optee/collaborator scorned...
 having signed on to this done deal in the silly
 belief that change was possible he is now indignant
 when told to basically fuck-off. As if that was
 not entirely predictable from the outset.

 The truth is the future is such a dangerous place
 for monoliths and wannabe world dominators that
 Mr. Sondow has very little to concern his less than
 humble self with. If only the lad could rid hisself
 of all those table at the front of the room dreams.
 Let the pompous expostulate, whacking each other
 on their posteriors in self-congratulation. Let
 them move from one amazing DNSO conquest to the
 next Membership conquest. Let them have the whole
 day all the while knowing that time, like the
 Russian winter, will do our work for us. Time.

 I'm viewing all this as highly entertaining. More
 in the way of travel writing than anything. Enjoy
 the spectacle. Revel in the hypocrisy and venality
 of it all! It's all too amusing. And when the ground
 shifts, the cyber-seasons change? More fun! Lighten
 up babes, this may be the future of civilization but
 it's also very early days. Very. 

 Bob Allisat

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 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat