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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] Re: Effective meetings, past and future

It's important to put a good word in for Jonathan Zittrain. 

Regardless of my own desire for more openness in ICANN's processes, I
think he and others at the Berkman Center have behaved in an honest and
forthright manner, trying to include as many people in the discussions
as possible. I've listened to the Real Audio feed from at least three
fora where Ronda Hauben has participated (two hosted by BCIS), and in
each instance she was given ample time to state her case. She has been
treated fairly, but she is not fair enough to admit it.

Ronda's allusions to the "Hitler-like" agenda of the Berkman Center and
ICANN are ridiculous and are demeaning to the victims of Hitler's

Craig Simon

Ronda Hauben wrote:
> Jonathan Zittrain <zittrain@cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote:

> This is your attempt to distort what I have to say and to discredit
> it. This is your effort to institute a Hitler like regime into
> the Internet.

> This is how Hitler functioned as well. He couldn't stand any criticism,
> instead he made a victim of those who expressed any criticism,
> making it clear to others that criticism was "verbotten"