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Re: [Membership] A Model for Community & Global

At 10:22 PM 3/10/99 -0500, you wrote:

>As to Singapore -
>I was mildly pleased with the Membership activities. I only glaced at
>the posting, but it seems some of the garbage has been discarded. I'll
>have to check to see what the next step is. I'm presuming that the issue
>is open to comment. I'll have to read it over carefully and submit my

The Board has to accept comments; it's in their By-laws. Check out http://www.icann.org/membership-com.html .

>As to the SOs. There was a good deal of public discussion on the DNSO,
>and that's good. But I see so little on the others. I realize these are
>new and delicate issues, but some reliable source of info would be
>comforting. How about a Berkman Center clipping service from the vaious
>lists? It should only take about 15 hours per day.

:-) Yeah, that's about the time it would take, and we just don't have it right now. (Most of the staff here are students, and we need to go to class at some point.) It's a good idea, though. If someone else wants to do the compilation, they're welcome to do so; we can host or link to their documents from our server. There are no "secret" lists or anything - the raw materials are out there for public consumption.

>The most interesting thing I did lately on this matter was putting
>together an organizational chart to explain the ICANN situation to some
>associates.When they saw the governments of the world in a little box -
>as an advisory  group - it had them laughing their asses off. Things
>sure change fast these days.

My reality check came in an email from a friend of mine today:
>>PPS While the singapore pictures were really pretty, the conference topic
>>seemed incredibly dry.  Is ICANN more interesting than it sounds in


Actually, is that org chart available publicly somewhere? It sounds like a useful thing.
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