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Re: [Membership]It's the Bandwidth, s..(was: A Model for Community)

Joop and all,

Joop Teernstra wrote:

At 01:10 PM 3/13/99 +0000, "Jeff Williams" wrote:
>Esther and all,
>  Pure nonsense Esther.  And furthermore you know it is nonsense or
>should know.  Almost Browsers have very advanced Graphics
>Esther Dyson wrote:
>> .... basically, anything more complicated than e-mail or a graphics-free
>> Website is going to leave a lot of people out.

Dear all,

For those who have moved beyond NY city or the highways of Texas, I'm
probably saying nothing new.
When have you last picked up a phone and heard:"Sorry, all circuits are
busy. Please dial again later."
Jeff, would you please consider this: If you happen to connect from outside
the capital in a less-developed country, do you realize that even email
trickles in at a speed of 1K per minute or sometimes even less?

  I live in a town that has less than 900 people in total population just
north of Dallas.  It is called Gunter Texas.  I have never had the
problem you are describing.  In addition I own two other homes
one in a small town in Colorado, known as Canyon City Colorado,
about 14,000 in total population.  I have called my property management
fellow there frequently and never had this problem their either.
I have relatives that live in NYC area, upstate NY, Fire Island, and
in the Manhattan area as well.  Same story there as well, I have never
had the Sorry, all circuits are busy. Please dial again later", problem
from their either.  So, I am sorry I cannot find that your contention
in this case is valid or reasonable to support Esthers contention.

Now lets move on to your next point....

Do you know that it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to see even a single
email message through a web page like hotmail?
  I sure didn't!!  And where do you get this idea?  From what service
are you getting this kind of idea.  Even on this two year old laptop
I have never had that bad of performance.
Most people connect through internet cafe's that do a roaring business, but
are dumbing down by the month.
  I am sorry Joop, this is categorically incorrect.  AOL users alone account
for about 47million users.  They are not an Internet cafe!!
(Most new owners know nothing about the
internet, a far cry from the early days, when hobbyists ran the cafe's.)
Almost nobody has a local POP box, most newbies know only of web based
mail--graphics turned off.
  Most browsers sold or installed sense 1994 are by default, completely
graphics ready.  SO again I can't agree with your contention on this point

Esther is entirely right. Keep it simple, or you exclude "a lot of people".

  This is NOT what Esther said Joop, I am suprised at you!  :(
Esther said, "... basically, anything more complicated than e-mail or a graphics-free
Website is going to leave a lot of people out."  <----  This is much
different to what you are contending.  My response was precisely correct,
direct, and to the point to this ludicrous statement that Esther made!!!

  Now, I realize that you are trying to be nice to Esther.  And that is just fine.
But when anyone in her position makes a absolute ludicrous statement
that is well known to be non-factual it need to be pointed out, and STRONGLY
so!  If this is Esthers, and I hope not truly your, thinking, you are far
behind the curve.  In Esthers case, it is inexcusable....


>From the end of a very narrow pipe..



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