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[Membership] Look at the data before you predict the results.

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> The minority
> interests have guaranteed representation through the SO's.
> What is left, is likely to be pretty uniform in their wishes. Why do you
> prefer to think of them as a collection of minorities?

Participants in the SOs will also participate in the General Assembly, especially
those who feel disenfranchised in their "defined constituencies."  There will be
large backbone providers and tier 2 and 3 ISPs, all with different objectives.  All
sides of the trademark community will seek representation.  People interested in
protocols, software, hardware and privacy will join.  There will be "for profits"
and NFPs.  There will be regi-stries, -strars and -sters.  The only reason to
participate is to advance one interest over another.  Look at our history.  This
chorus will not sing the harmony you predict.

> When you talk about head-to-head, winner takes all, you are thinking about
> district- or party votes. We are still free of that.

I am describing the alternative to proportional representation which I fear we will