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Betty -  Thank you for the message from the congressman- I THINK WE STILL HAVE
A PROBLEM - here is WHY.

I quoted the DAILY NEWS (LA) which has all the large papers in LA area outsied
of LA TIMES. They are onwned by a monster corp - and have papers all over the
country eg Denver POST . he article was from their in-house wire service . The
article quoted and referred to two of eleven congressmen who just signed a
letter to the FCC.

THE PROBLEM they wrote about was NOT long distance But Local call use. For
example- i have been on the computer for over an hour - the local companies
want to be reimbursed for the time on their local lines (oer the article)

thanks steve witkin

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<< ar Friends:
 Thank you for contacting me regarding Internet charges.  I appreciate you
 sharing your views with me.
 I believe that there is misinformation being spread to scare consumers
 regarding charges for Internet usage.  A recent ruling by the Federal
 Communications Commission does not authorize increasing charges for Internet
 usage.  The decision by the FCC revolves around the compensation structure
 telephony companies that carry Internet traffic over their networks.
 The compensation structure will now be reciprocated so that there is
 revenues given to the proper networks that transmit the brunt of the Internet
 traffic.  Unless you currently place a long distance call (usually by dialing
 1 plus a number) to your Internet Service Provider, you should not be billed
 any per minute usage charge by either your local or long distance telephone
 There are no efforts before Congress or the FCC to change this to allow
 telephone companies to impose long distance fees for using the Internet.
 Thank you again for contacting me.  With kind regards, I am,
  Cliff Stearns
 United States Representative
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