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As a follow-up to the reaction on the list today to the March 18th
M.A.C. recommendations, I should add that I discussed this situation
for two hours on the phone this afternoon with a very savvy lawyer
who heads the staff of a nation-wide activist organization. She
suggested I post an analysis of the possible consequences of
deploying the MAC's recommendations, but rather than doing that
(because I'm tired and have a cold), I'll just ask a few short
questions and leave it up to whoever's reading this to figure it out
for themselves.

Okay. No exclusionary definition of the At large membership, that
is, all the world can join. Two: no membership dues, that is, no
legal contract between the members and the organization. Three: no
voting mechanism defined in the bylaws, nothing that says how
candidates are chosen, how they are elected.

Now, add what's in the fine print about the DNSOs' "voting for
directors will be indirect, through the Names Council", throw in a
sunset provision that gives the board the power to revise (or
eliminate?) direct membership voting for board directors, and what
do you get?

Oh, I almost forgot. Season while hot with Michael Roberts, Joe
Sims, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Michael Heltzer, and Don Heath, and serve
with cheap red wine to the IFWP troublemakers.

Good appetite!