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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

>There are many levels of membership in the organization, depending on
>how much you pay.  We could adopt a similar model -- the "individual"
>membership ($50 or less), the "contributing" membership" ($50-$100),
>the "supporting" membership ($100-$250), the "network hero"
>membership ($250-$500), and the "Internet Sage" level ($500-$1000).
>Each level would still get one vote, but in addition you would get a
>little perk: The individual member gets listed on a web page, the
>"contributing membership" would get an ICANN coffee cup, whereas the
>"Internet Sage" would get a nice fountain pen and a lifetime email

I understand, but consider these issues. Is the different level of "service"
acceptable? It can be demeaning and some may stop participating. Imagine you
come to the meeting and see your collegue with the "gold" fountain pen
whilst you have a coffee mug? May be I better talk to the pen holder before
I vote?