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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

Kent Crispin a écrit:

> There are many levels of membership in the organization, depending on
> how much you pay.  We could adopt a similar model -- the "individual"
> membership ($50 or less), the "contributing" membership" ($50-$100),
> the "supporting" membership ($100-$250), the "network hero"
> membership ($250-$500), and the "Internet Sage" level ($500-$1000).
> Each level would still get one vote, but in addition you would get a
> little perk: The individual member gets listed on a web page, the
> "contributing membership" would get an ICANN coffee cup, whereas the
> "Internet Sage" would get a nice fountain pen and a lifetime email
> address.
> ICANN already has the "ICANN Startup Fund" (which reminds me, I
> was going to donate something), but a lot more could be involved.

I suggested the same thing some time ago, and it received a positive
response from a few people, notably George Conrades. But others saw
it as leading to undue influence, so it was scrapped. Maybe the
opposers were right; but it does seem like a good way of getting