Amendment 19 to USG-NSI Cooperative Agreement

Appendix 3

(Approved November 4, 1999) (Posted November 8, 1999)

Appendix 3

Equivalent Access Certification


Network Solutions, acting in its capacity as the "Registry" makes the following certification:

1. All Registrars (including Network Solutions as a Registrar) connect to the Shared Registration System Gateway via the Internet by utilizing the same maximum number of IP addresses and SSL certificate authentication.

2. The Registry has made the current version of the Registrar toolkit software accessible to all Registrars and has made any updates available to all Registrars on the same schedule.

3. All Registrars have the same level of access to Registry customer support personnel via telephone, e-mail and the Registry website.

4. All Registrars have the same level of access to the Network Solutions Registry resources to resolve Registry/Registrar or Registrar/Registrar disputes and technical and/or administrative customer service issues.

5. All Registrars have the same level of access to Registry-generated data to reconcile their registration activities from Registry Web and ftp servers.

6. All Registrars may perform basic automated registrar account management functions using the same Registrar tool made available to all Registrars by the Registry.

7. The Shared Registration System does not include any algorithms or protocols that differentiate among Registrars with respect to functionality, including database access, system priorities and overall performance.

8. All Registry-assigned personnel have been directed not to give preferential treatment to any particular Registrar.

9. I have taken reasonable steps to verify that the foregoing representations are being complied with.

This Certification is dated this the __ day of __________, _____.

Network Solutions, Inc.
By: __________________________
Name: Bruce Chovnick
Title: General Manager, Network Solutions Registry

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