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Registrar Accreditation: Documents to Submit or Review

This page was archived as of June 2010. Current information can be found here.

The Documents You Must Submit and/or Review to Become Accredited

You must submit the following document to ICANN in order to become an accredited registrar:

(The application requires you to submit certain supporting documents pertaining to commercial general liability insurance coverage and proof of adequate working capital. Details about submitting these documents are contained in the Instructions for Completing ICANN Registrar Accreditation Application, listed below).

You must review the following documents before submitting your application to ICANN:

After becoming accredited, we will notify the appropriate registry operators that you are accredited. Once the notification is made, you will be eligible to offer registrar services for each TLD once you have entered into a Registry-Registrar Agreement with each registry operator for which you want to offer registrar services. Additional details can be found at the registry operators' websites.

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