Kintera Services

Kintera Sphere™

With our product Kintera Sphere, your staff can easily create and manage all of your fundraising development and programs. It gives you every thing you need to initiate, run and use data that is collected from your fundraising efforts. Kintera Sphere includes:

Administration – Manage your personal and organizational setup

  • Assign access rights
  • Create and change passwords
  • Import and export data to and from other systems

Development – Plan, organize and manage your fundraising initiatives and services

  • Create customized modules
  • Manage your events and communities
  • Update module content

Mail Campaign – Create and distribute your solicitations and newsletters

  • Create targeted mailing lists
  • Personalize your email and direct mail campaigns
  • Track mailing results

Reports – Analyze your activities

  • Search and sort your data
  • Use our user-friendly filter interfaces
  • Track campaign results

Contacts – Basic management of donors, volunteers and associates

  • Manage basic contact information
  • Record and track donation and event participation histories
  • Cross-link to third party analysis tools

Content – Basic management of web content

  • Easily update your website
  • Link to syndicated content
  • Create customized web pages

Sphere Modules allow you to create:

· Thons, Races, Walks

· Event Ticketing

·  Galas, Luncheons

·  Sponsorship Campaigns

·  Golf Tournaments

·  “Non-Event” Events

·  Auctions

·  Holiday Giving

·  Online Newsletter

·  Online Greeting Cards

·  “Great Duck Races”

·  Annual Appeals

Support Services

Kintera has a complete customer service offering for its clients, designed to support your internal staff as well as the donors to your organization. Our knowledgeable service team will make your product implementation painless and easy to understand. There is an Account Manager to help you every step of the way. Ample time for training and planning of your complete marketing strategy is included at no charge. Once you are on your way, Kintera’s help desk is available 24/7, should your event participants or your donors need assistance.


Kintera’s marketing professionals help nonprofit organizations create and maintain their online brand image through a variety of media.  Our marketing and public relations services help promote customers’ with:

· Fundraising campaigns, including press     releases

· Database segmentation

· Public Service Announcement (PSA) submission services

· Analysis

· Graphic and collateral support

· Promotional incentives

· Email marketing strategy

· Grassroots marketing

· Messaging

· Interactive games

· Contests and offline advertising And more!

· Sponsorship support

Training Services

Once your Kintera Sphere control center and its administrative parameters have been set up, it is time to be trained on all of the dynamic functions featured in the control center. An Account Manager will walk you through the training process and make sure that your staff knows how to use the useful tools available in Kintera Sphere.

We also provide organizations with easy to understand learning materials, including quick start guides and “how to” brochures for distribution to event participants.  On a weekly basis, organizations are invited to attend Kintera Academy for a basic course about Kintera Sphere.  Your staff will learn in greater depth how to use Kintera Sphere, as well as, marketing tips that will help you use Kintera’s tools to the fullest potential.

Account Management Services

Your organization will be assigned to a member of our Account Management team. This team has been developed to help you with any questions that you might have about the system, assist in planning marketing campaigns and help track the progress of your campaigns. An Account Manager, with real world experiences with nonprofit organizations and fundraising, is there to help you every step of the way.

Consultant Services

Kintera’s consulting experts have a broad range of experiences in the nonprofit world, and are available to help clients across the entire nonprofit event development cycle – from the planning stage, execution, analysis and reporting, to follow-up and the next campaign.

Creative Services/Web Development

Kintera provides excellent creative services for our customers for graphics and content. Kintera provides customized web pages as an extension of a nonprofit organization’s main website to be used in conjunction with Kintera Events, mail and transaction services.  These pages maintain the “look and feel” of an organization’s current site. 

IT Support Services

Kintera offers 24/7 technical help for its customers. Our onsite and expertly trained technical staff can answer any questions that you or your donors might have. Call us toll-free at 866.546.8372. For less urgent needs, contact

Kintera’s proprietary Friends Asking Friends™ service is an email-based solution that acts as a virtual door-to-door solicitation among the various fundraising event participants.

The service provides customizable web pages that each participant can personalize, and also allows participants to send email messages to their friends and family to encourage charitable donations.

The email messages typically relate to the mission of an organization engaged in fundraising, and further contain links to the participants’ personalized web page.

By providing the participant with personalized communication tools, Kintera’s Friends Asking Friends service allows the user to efficiently solicit on behalf of an organization. This friendly and entertaining online environment fosters engagement, and reduces the hesitation and intimidation commonly associated with asking for donations.

Kintera has demonstrated that the Friends Asking Friends solicitation system increases overall response rates, thereby increasing the number of donors and participants in fundraising initiatives.

Furthermore, through Friends Asking Friends, Kintera is able to provide real-time donor recognition and tracking, as well as detailed data collection, online registration and credit card processing.