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RTFR: Read The F* RFCs


Just recently, I read in proposal from a "regional address 
registry" (whatever that is), a reference the RFC-1466 instead 
of "the doomed -- two years in the IESG queue" RFC-2050. Also, I 
was very surprised when once an IAB member asked me back: "which 
one is that RFC-1601?", they own charter! Meanwhile, not many are 
aware that RFC-1591 is against "domain name ownership." (whatever
that means). The IETF, IESG, IANA, as well as the RFC-ED do not 
have a charter because I don't count BCP-11 (RFC-2028) or BCP-9 
(RFC-2026) as a charter (OK, this is arguable).

Please visit:
for a compiled list of not-so-technical RFC.


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