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Simple Question: What/who is the "Internet Community" ?


I am just wondering, what/who the "Internet Community" is. Is it
a generic term? Is it related, say with sandals, beard, T-shirt
et. al.? Is a lay person also a part of the "Internet 
Community" ? The context is these two following statements:

== ZCZC == F.31 =================================================

(1) IANA's page <http://www.iana.org/faqs.html>:

    3.  Who gives you the authority to do this? 
        [...] The INTERNET COMMUNITY is continuing to provide 
        the authority. [...]

(2) BCP-9 (RFC-2026) The Internet Standard Process ver 3.0


        The Internet Standards process is an activity of the 
        Internet Society that is organized and managed on behalf 
        of the INTERNET COMMUNITY by the Internet Architecture 
        Board (IAB) and the Internet Engineering Steering Group 
        (IESG). [...]
== NNNN == EOF

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