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[Comment-Aso] Re: Letter from ETSI to ICANN Board re ASO

Let me state that I disagree with the presumption made in the ETSI letter.
I think that Standards bodies and/or telecom operators have multiple
ways to influence the assignment of addresses. First of all through
participating in ETSI, IETF and other standards bodies such that the
standards describe the technical requirements for assignment and
registring parameters. Second of all by becoming members of the RIRs.
Thirdly through their PSO representatives in the ICANN board.

There is no need for yet a fourth way, through direct ASO
participation. On the contrary this would give Telcom operators too
much infuence in the assignment and registration of addresses, which
is not a good situation. I would advice the ICANN board to remain
with the proposal for the ASO initially being the RIRs and to add
aditional independent expertise when needed.

If ICANN should decide to allow ETSI, ITU and/or Telecom operators in
the ASO at the same participatory level as the RIRs I would like to
suggest that it would be better to open up the ASO to all and any
interetsed organizations, to avoid too much influence by one of those

Erik Huizer