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[Comment-Aso] RE: Letter from ETSI to ICANN Board re ASO

It is difficult to perceive any sound reasons for excluding organisations
such as the ITU or ETSI from the ASO structure. 

The ITU through its numbering activities is responsible for policy for
administration of the largest realtime switched numerically addressed
network in the world and has some expertise in these matters. 

The statements given in the RIR's response to the ETSI letter state that
more than hundreds of thousands of organisations would become eligible, if
the ITU and ETSI were to be admitted. These statements were not
substantiated and have yet to be justified. Even if the there are more
organisations there cannot be that many with a skill base in global
numerical network addressing. The ASO would benefit from a wider
representation given that the RIR proposal only contains experts in regional
numerical addressing.

It would be unfortunate if the ASO followed the historical approach
comprising only RIRs as constituencies and consequently limited the rate of
development of convergent technologies.  


John C Lewis
Manager - International Organisations Europe
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> Subject:	Re: Letter from ETSI to ICANN Board re ASO 
> Let me state that I disagree with the presumption made in the ETSI letter.
> I think that Standards bodies and/or telecom operators have multiple
> ways to influence the assignment of addresses. First of all through
> participating in ETSI, IETF and other standards bodies such that the
> standards describe the technical requirements for assignment and
> registring parameters. Second of all by becoming members of the RIRs.
> Thirdly through their PSO representatives in the ICANN board.
> There is no need for yet a fourth way, through direct ASO
> participation. On the contrary this would give Telcom operators too
> much infuence in the assignment and registration of addresses, which
> is not a good situation. I would advice the ICANN board to remain
> with the proposal for the ASO initially being the RIRs and to add
> aditional independent expertise when needed.
> If ICANN should decide to allow ETSI, ITU and/or Telecom operators in
> the ASO at the same participatory level as the RIRs I would like to
> suggest that it would be better to open up the ASO to all and any
> interetsed organizations, to avoid too much influence by one of those
> parties.
> Erik Huizer