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[Comment-Aso] sound reasons ?

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From: john.c.lewis@bt.com 

"It is difficult to perceive any sound reasons for excluding organisations
such as the ITU or ETSI from the ASO structure."



The "sound reason" would be that the Internet "insiders"
would not be able to maintain their current revenue
stream from various monopoly registry activities which
give them an ability to "strong-arm" the industry and to
make sure that lucrative contracts go to people that "play ball"
with them. They would also not be able to continue to
convince the U.S. Government, mostly via the National
Science Foundation, to continue to hand them large
percentages of the $3.8 billion dollar NSF budget which
funds their people to control these markets and to pay
for their vacations all year round.

...follow the money...next stop Santiago, Chile...

Jim Fleming