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[Comment-Aso] ASO Comment

I am a member of the Advisory Council to ARIN.
I would like to express a brief comment on the purpose and organization
of the ASO as I see it.
I express myself as an individual and as the ARIN membership
representative of Washington University CAIT, not as a member of the
It is my considered opinion that a relatively few organizations need to
be represented within the ASO proper.  These organizations are logically
and practically those which have the most particular understanding of
the IP address allocation issues.  In short, the RIRs.  Each RIR is a
membership-based organization whose constituency and process reflect the
local (regional) interests of all parties willing to participate.  As
such, I support the ASO proposal the the registries have submitted.
I believe that this is the most prudent approach because it is based
upon a track record that demonstrates the ability to cooperate and yet
operate autonomously and most importantly get the job done.  This in the
face of the most stressful period of address management in Internet
ICANN and its subordinate organization can evolve as the industry and
world internet community change, but the transition to the new order of
management will be froth with many unanticipated problems.  It is a time
to knit the organization tightly with fibers which are known to be
strong and dependable.  These are the RIRs and in protocol matters the
IETF.  These organizations have proven themselves capable in supporting
the infancy and adolescence of the world-wide Internet.  Let them be
your support as you lead the Internet to world-wide maturity.

Bill Darte