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I seen your posting on the domain news
thought you might be able to use this,


Internic Domain Checking Software

There are 1000's of companies selling useless domain
names on the internet.

We have just developed software to AUTOMATICALLY search
the internic database for over 35,000 common english
dictionary words and  common First Names of 
people. In ALL THE .Com .Net and .Org categories
and to be able to place them into a separate box
for organizing then to the printer for printing.
Many extra options.

We were contracted by a Corporation for
25,000 us dollars to Develop this Software and the corp.
has since gone under and therefor been unable to
pay us the rest of our money .
so we are taking this product to you
today being the first time ever.

What's the power and implications of this program ?
Doing some research to our knowledge this is the
first this has ever been done , We do realize the
power of this program to make money.

If you find 1 good name let alone 700 of them they
usually sell for $50,000 to  $900,000 for each name
And most bad to  normal usually names sell for
$2000 - $50,000 . If you run it 
each day You will probably be the first to find out 
the new names that have become available the day before
Even If there's only 700 good names that become available 
It would be hard for someone to register all 700 @ 
$70 bucks a pop( Internic charges for registering )
before you can get your hands on some of the good ones.
And don't forget , You have this program ! 
Your one up on the entire domain name industry.
You will be amazed at some of the names that are not
taken yet or that have become available !.

We are selling it for a standard $999 US
That's it.

We believe you will be able to make this back in
a day or 2, but our hopes are for you to make 10x that
and if you use the program every day then you have the
chance to grab some $ 100,000 names.

Email if you want to be the first to get a copy

Or click on this link to email us