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[Comment-Dnso] Re: ISP Constituency DNSO

Manuel and all,

  We [INEGroup] completely agree with you contention here.  It might be
more useful to address your concerns directly the the ICANN board and
CC the NTIA as well as the EU commission regarding your concerns in the
future, as the ICANN too often in the recent past has denied receiving
such concerns  I have taken the liberty to cc them in this case so that
such a denial cannot be claimed legitimately, as has been done by Mike
Roberts (CEO ICANN) and Esther Dyson (Chair ICANN).

Manuel Hurtado wrote:

 Dear Directors nad Staff of ICANN, ASIMELEC is very sad to see that some ISP organizations, without further consultation, are trying to capture the ISP Constituency of the DNSO. ASIMELEC is a trade organisation that represents ISP´s that cover over 85% of Internet traffic in Spain, (85% of over 2,000,000 users). Nevertheless, we have not been consulted on the formation of the ISP Constituency, nor have been allowed to make public comments, nor to enter the group of funding organisation of the DNSO ISP Constituency, as not documents have been made public before this time. Please see the comments below to the proposed ISP Constituency. *The ISP proposal that has been presented has been secretly prepared by the organisations that have signed it, without solicitation of public comments, nor allowing any other organisation to join in. *They reserve the right to accept other organisations, on their own judgement. *The rules for acceoting individual ISP´s are unclear, (because of language), but we are afraid that they exclude small ISP´s. The "founding members" are the only judges of what is acceptable. *The "founding members" give themselves three months to accept candidates. This allows them time to hold elections to Names Council representatives before they have to accept anybody. *Their Chapter says that Associations will represent................., making it very unclear who might become a NC representative. *We believe that this candidacy is not prepared to be accepted by ICANN as it is, and -as there is no time to present new ones-  no candidacy for ISP´s should be accepted by ICANN at this meeting, as there is not enough time to carry on an open and trasparent process  to create a chapter and a fair ISP Constituency. We prefer to have to have no ISP industry representation at this time, if this means assuring fair representation in the future. Manuel HurtadoPresidentISP CommissionASIMELEC-www.asimelec.es  

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