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[Comment-Dnso] Re: ISP Constituency DNSO

Manuel Hurtado a écrit:

> I will try to attend the Berlin meeting, but I am against on-site
> negotiations, as they would exclude most of the ISP community.

The obligation of physical presence at international ICANN meetings,
with no attempt made by ICANN to create proxy- and on-line voting
mechanism, is the filter through which ICANN assures that all
so-called "consensus" processes will be controlled by big business
and their allies and stooges.

> The ISP
> constituency should follow and open and transparent process similar to the
> one that has been followed by other constituencies.

This is a delusion. None of the constituency-formation processes
have been open and transparent. The INTA co-opted the Trademark and
Intellectual Property Constituency and has rejected the
participation of all individuals and those organizations not
associated with the INTA, so that a group of the disenfranchised has
had to form an alternative constituency, prejudiced in the struggle
with the INTA because of lack of funding to compete. The
Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders constituency, believed by those
present in Singapore to have been created for the people and
organizations disenfranchised from the other six constituencies, is
being taken over by ISOC, a front for big business. The Commercial &
Business constituency has been organized by 
colleagues of the same people who have organized the Trademark
constituency, and is likewise excluding individuals and those
organizations not in agreement with them. You are not alone.

 It is painfull to see
> that this proposal forces ICANN to be the one to decide, instead of allowing
> sectorial self-regulation and organization. If we have read the ICANN
> chapter correctly, ICANN can not accept a constituency that has not followed
> that process and that clearly does not represent the community is has been
> called to represent.

The ICANN board will decide which constituency is representative,
and will decide in favor of those organizers they know and who have
enough money to go to Berlin.

> ICANN should assure that and agreement is reached by
> the professional ISP community, not allowing capture by a handfull of
> organizations.

ICANN itself has been captured.