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[Comment-Dnso] A big problem with the ISP constituency

Dear Mr. Schneider,
We seem to be in different wavelenghts.
What we are discussing here is not how representative EuroIspa is or is not. EuroIspa is an association that has members in several European countries, but it is very far from representing European ISPīs. As one more association, it has a clear right to participate in the ISP constituency, but if you believe that other organisations must participate in this constiruency through EuroIspa, you are wrong.
The problem still remains. The way the ISP constituency has been planned, most of us are excluded from the founding members and it is up to you to decide who joins and who does not. You still do not seem to understand that the problem is open process, for wich you have given no opportunity to other organisations.
We believe that the ISP constituency should open a comment period on its document and should openly ask for founding members, as other more democratic constituencies have done. Once all these members are on board you may start making rules and elections, but closing the door on everybody before time and them being the gatekeeper will just not work.
Unless we see a very clear opening before Berlin, we will present another draft to ICANN next week, a draft for a democratic ISP constituency. It will be as easy as  sending it to ICANN. We do prefer that discussions be conducted publically and in a transparent way.
Now, two very direct and public questions:
Are the signatories of your draft prepared to open the document for a public comment period or not? Are they prepared to accept as founding members all those who wish to be so?.
Best Regards,
Manuel Hurtado