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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Re: [IDNO:87] Re: the non-commercial constituency

William Arnold and all,

  I am not quite as religious as Willima seems to be here.  >;)  It is
very necessary that the Non Commercial Domain Name Constituency
be in existence for those Domain Name interests that are truly
non-commercial.  Otherwise we wind up with a DNSO and an ICANN
that is completely controlled and at least dominated by only
commercial interests.  This would be unhealthy for the Internet.

William X. Walsh wrote:

> Amen!  :)
> On Mon, 31 May 1999 21:01:50 -1200, "A Gehring" <alg@open.org> wrote:
> >Joop, Michael, Milton, Don, and all,
> >
> >Individuals and the power-hungry are not mutually exclusive groups.
> >
> >If the DNSO were to only have one constituency, I could accept none that
> >did not place service to and representation of the individual as it's
> >central theme.  We have now six constituencies, and yet none do center
> >their foundations upon the individual.
> >
> >My suggestion would be to abandon any further efforts to resurrect the
> >Non Commercial Domain Name Constituency.  Resolve instead to form the
> >Individual Domain Owner's Constituency.
> >
> >Let all individuals resolve their diffused effect into a focused and
> >inclusive constituency of the IDNO.  Let this become the  Seventh
> >Constituency of the DNSO and deliver the voice through individuals.
> >
> >Let These Individuals send their Leaders; be they hungry for power, be
> >they hungry for justice, or be they  hungry for an opportunity to
> >deliver forethought to all, malice toward none, and humble service to
> >the entire Internet Community; go now to the ICANN and there  demand
> >acceptance of the IDNO as the seventh constituency of her DNSO.
> >
> >Arnold  Gehring
> >alg@open.org
> >In an Institution where a 'D' is a passing grade:  Getting it one
> >seventh right is better than getting it all wrong.  "I want the Vote."
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