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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] As ICANN unravels ISOC launches Smear campaign against Milton Meuller and Michael Sondow

William and all,

  It appears that Mr. Walsh has added his vioce to the misguided attempt
to smear Michael Sondow and the ICIIU as well as Michael's creation of
a non-Commercial domain name constituency and Professor Mueller
as a tag along.  This is of course in keeping with Mr. Walsh's habit
as he has demonstrated many times in the past and the EU communication
council named him amongst others by Brian Hollingsworth, as individuals,
that shall we say, are less the ethical and enguaging in disengenious behavior.

  As this has been Mr. Walsh's decided epitath to his dubious reputation
alone with his now seeming allies the ISOC and the Don Heath bergade
as has been shown dating back to just before christmas with respect to
Mr. Walsh and even further back in respect to Don Heath.

William X. Walsh wrote:

> If Mr Sondow had any character he would drop off now, and not have Mr
> Meuller's reputation and his excellent work on this constituency be
> sullied by affiliation with a rogue agitator such as Mr Sondow.  I
> believe I said this would happen.  It it time to cut your losses.
> It is time for Mr Sondow to realize he must back out, for the good of
> the non-commercial domain holders, and trust that Mr Meuller will not
> sell them out to the ISOC.
> I for one trust Mr Meuller and the ACM, and hope that their
> affiliation with Mr Sondow does not horribly cripple their ability to
> continue the work on bahlf of this constituency.
> On Wed, 2 Jun 1999 00:48:49 -0400, Gordon Cook <cook@cookreport.com>
> wrote:
> >I have heard now from two sources that ISOC, which kept the non commercial
> >domain holders constituency from being recognized in Berlin by saying it
> >couldn't give a milimeter on behalf of its 30 constituents, is now engaged
> >in a smear campaign against meuller and sondow, a campaign squarely aimed
> >at getting the ACM to repudiate its involvement with Professor Meuller and
> >Kathy Klieman on the grounds that meuller and klieman allegedly sold out to
> >the "infamous" Michael Sondow.
> >
> >The ACM is rather bigger than any of the 30 organizations gathered for the
> >plucking by ISOC's Heath and Vint Cerf.  Buty it is hard for ISOC to ignore
> >that someone has a voice that could be more authoritative than its own.
> >They claim that Meuller has sullied the name of the ACM by sitting down
> >with sondow and are turning their propaganda guns against the ACM's Barbara
> >Simons hoping to get her to repudiate Meullers action.  They claim that
> >even Vint Cerf has been drafted into the fray and has sent Simmons
> >complaining email. How quickly they forget Mueller's speech to their geneva
> >meeting last june.
> >
> >Possibly Cerf, Mike Roberts and Heath are growing increasingly upset that
> >their well orchestrated campaign to install the internets first global
> >regulatory authority (ICANN) is coming under fire.  First from David
> >Johnson who said NSI would refuse to abrogate the rights of its 4 million
> >registrees by signing them away to ICANN and by impplication that NSI would
> >not collect the dollar per name tax on which ICANN depends for its budget
> >beginning July 1.  George Conrades, IBM's surrogate board member shot back
> >to johnson the absurd remark:  welll you won't be a registrar.  Such action
> >by ICANN would ensure a split root because there is no way that NSI could
> >or should allow IBM's interests to put it out of business.
> >
> >But worse for ICANN are the signs that Dave Farber may be having serious
> >doubts:  on saturday may 29 he published the following note to his IP list:
> >
> >From: Dave Farber <farber@cis.upenn.edu>
> >Subject: IP: " icann is not doing right"
> >Mime-Version: 1.0
> >Sender: owner-ip-sub-1@admin.listbox.com
> >Precedence: list
> >Reply-To: farber@cis.upenn.edu
> >
> >
> >>I received this note from an old friend who is a early internet commercial
> >>player and very established in the industry (and senior). I am circulating
> >>it anonymously but can assure people the person is real  and sane as
> >>anyone is.
> >
> >Dave
> >
> >>Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:02:55 -0400
> >>To: farber@cis.upenn.edu
> >>From:
> >>
> >>David,
> >>A warning for you.  ICANN is violating the trust we gave it.  We will begin
> >>to withdraw our support soon and begin to support the opposition.  I so
> >>hate to do this, but there is no choice.  Damn them all for their stupidity
> >>in dealing with the community this way.
> >
> >Cook: Thus Cerf and Heaths carefully laid plains are unraveling and in
> >apparent desparation, they move to intimidate the ACM's Barbara Simmons. I
> >hope and believe that Barbara and the ACM will display substantial
> >neccesssary to resist them.
> >
> >I call on Vint and Don heath to bring their smear campaign into the open
> >and let the rest of us see the holly wrath of ISOC.
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