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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Slanders and impostures

John and all,

John B. Reynolds wrote:

> Michael Sondow wrote:
> > Perhaps you could also explain to us, Mr. Heath, why ISOC has given
> > its NCDNHC organizing campaign into the hands of Mr. David Maher, a
> > person who is not a non-commercial domain name holder. Mr. Maher is,
> > to my knowledge, a trademark lawyer employed by IBM and a member of
> > a domain name registrar's association, CORE. Either of these
> > functions should automatically disqualify Mr. Maher as a
> > spokesperson for non-commercial domain name holders, and even as a
> > member of the NCDNHC.
> >
> I've got news for you, Michael.  In the real world in which the rest of us
> live, most people work for commercial organizations or otherwise engage in
> commercial activities in order to earn a living.  If wou would disqualify
> those people, the NCDNHC would be limited to those who are actually employed
> for non-profits plus government employees and the unemployed, and would be
> quite small indeed.

  Although what you say here is true, it is besides the point and purpose of
a non-commercial domain name constituency.  Te espouse otherwise
ad use this comment as supporting argument as such, is misleding at best
and blatently disenginious at worst.

> If COMTELCA is non-commercial, so is CORE.
> > As to Mr. Maher's affiliation with the entity named POC, which
> > figures on ISOC's list of supporting organizations, we have been
> > informed that POC was an advisory council to a coalition named the
> > International Ad Hoc Committee, or IAHC, an organism which is now
> > defunct, and POC with it. However, even if this so-called POC still
> > existed, it has no domain name, non-commercial or otherwise, and no
> > website, and thus can in no way be considered a non-commercial
> > domain name holder.
> You have been misinformed.  POC is part of the GTLD-MOU
> (http://www.gtld-mou.org/), which still exists.  Whether this makes it
> ineligible as a "subsidiary organization" is another question entirely.


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