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[Comment-Dnso] Re: Register.com as Testbed & T&C's (Long)What a Travisty!

Mark and all,

  I am not surprised, though I have not checked myself.  However
I am getting several hundred E-mails from our members [INEGroup]
indicating that domains registered by Register.com are not
resolving either.  It is getting difficult to respond to all of them.
Hence we will be putting out an "Official Notice" to our members
tomorrow in regards to this travesty.

Mark Jeftovic wrote:

On 07-Jun-99 Antony Van Couvering wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you have a whois service?  I think you are supposed to, but I don't see
> it on your site.

markjr@chief:~> whois register.com@whois.register.com

No match for "register.com".

Get your domain name at http://www.register.com
markjr@chief:~> whois test.com@whois.register.com

No match for "test.com".

Get your domain name at http://www.register.com

There's something listenin' on port 43. Wouldn't know what domains
to plug in to see if it works though. I tried some domains that
are on register.com nameservers but they all come up as "no match".


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