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[Comment-Dnso] Re: Registrations FAQ -grossly incomplete

Rick and all,

  Too bad not all of the "FACTS" are in the FAQ.  But of course this is
typical and endemic of the ICANN and likely the DNSO a well.
And they call this competition?  ROFLMAO!  Only a fool would
consider this competition.  Seems like the disinformation mill is
in business again.

So if you want to get ripped off, register your domains at

Rick H. Wesson wrote:

> this is my first atempt at a FAQ for the new Testbed Registrars.
> remember, there will be problems with all this, it won't all
> work perfictly or as advertised, but it will....
> ** Whois **
> this is what i understand about how whois now works.
> whois.internic.net is NSI's whois database, it will be uneffected by
> registrations of ANY testbed registrar.
> whois.crsnic.net is the whois server that will refer you to the appropiate
> registrar's whois server. this whois server only understands questions
> about .com .net .org .edu domains and nameservers in the root.
> to find out about a domain first ask whois.crsnic.net
>   example% whois -h whois.crsnic.net
>   Whois Server Version 1.0
>    Domain Name: BRYANKERR.COM
>    Registrar: REGISTER.COM
>    Whois Server: whois.register.com
>    Referral URL: www.register.com
>    Name Server: DNS7.REGISTER.COM ( )
>    Name Server: DNS8.REGISTER.COM ( )
>    Updated Date: 02-jun-1999
>   The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU domains and
>   Registrars.
>   example% whois -h whois.register.com BRYANKERR.COM
>   No match for "BRYANKERR.COM".
>   Get your domain name at http://www.register.com
> well, its supposed to work =)
> ** Transfers **
> There isn't much registrars can do about this because it was negoated by
> DOC....
> To transfer from one registrar to another costs the registrar the same
> as a new domain (ie 2 year) the wholesale price of this is $18 paid by
> the registrar to the NSIRegistry, further more any time left on your
> previous registration or renewal is lost.
> Example:
>    You registrared a domain in april last year and want to transfer it to
>    a new registry.
>         1. You loose the 10 months left on your registration with the
>            previous registrar
>         2. Your new registrar has to pay like it was a new SLD
>            registration.
>    The ganing registrar is the one you send the transfer request to. in
>    tern the gaining registrar notifys the registry (NSIRegistry) and the
>    Registry notifys both the gaining and loosing registrars. The loosing
>    Registrar has 5 days to approve the transfer. if the 5 days expires the
>    transfer automaticly expires. It is upon the loosing registrar to ask
>    the transferee to confirm the transfer.
> this document is available at http://www.ar.com/servey/newreg-faq.html
> -rick


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