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[Comment-Dnso] Let them in

The internet is not yours ICANN, not Coca-Cola's, not GM's, Intel's, or 
Microsoft's.  It is all of ours; it is a framework for all the human race to
interact, speak, be heard, and learn.  Taking the responsibility that you
are charged with, and acting on it without the membership of the MOST
IMPORTANT members of the internet community is disgusting and vile.  You
pander to big companies paying for their rights.  We can't pay for ours. We
have to believe that, like in the United States, on the internet, citizens
of the world have unalienable rights.  These include the right to be heard
at ANY COST.  I hope you remember this during your self-important,
exclusive, and medieval meetings.
Brent Northam
Concerned citizen