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[Comment-Ip] Re: [IFWP] ICANN and WIPO in Berlin

Thanks for your comments.  AS noted, we have not yet decided what we will
do. It indeed depends on public comments, among other things. But aside from
our process, do you have any comments on the substance of the WIPO report?
We would welcome those.


At 11:53 AM 06/05/99 -0400, Bret A. Fausett wrote:
>The latest agenda items for the Berlin ICANN meeting 
>(http://www.icann.org/berlin/berlin-details.html) suggest that "[t]he 
>ICANN Board of Directors will meet to discuss and vote on any pending 
>resolutions with regard to...WIPO Final Report, including annexes." ICANN 
>has invited public comment on the WIPO report 
>(http://www.icann.org/wipo/wipo.htm) and has stated that "[c]omments 
>received by midnight, U.S. West Coast  time, May 21, will be considered 
>by the ICANN Board of Directors in advance of any action on these matters 
>at the May 27 ICANN Board meeting in Berlin."
>Of course, "any action" on WIPO could include accepting and implementing 
>the report's recommendations, but it could also include referring the 
>report to the DNSO. I would respectfully suggest that the ICANN Board 
>take the latter approach. 
>Not only will this approach ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that 
>the community finds consensus on what has been a controversial document, 
>but it could provide the additional time necessary to allow the election 
>of the nine at-large board members and the election of board members from 
>the three Supporting Organizations. The domain name issues raised by the 
>WIPO Report are some of the most difficult issues facing ICANN, and they 
>should be resolved within the SO structure and by the permanent board.
>     -- Bret Fausett

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