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[Comment-Ip] Re: [IFWP] ICANN and WIPO in Berlin

Members of the ICANN Board of Directors:

I join the others who are urging ICANN to defer any decisions regarding
implementation of the WIPO Final Report to the Domain Name Supporting
Organization when it is constituted.

This WIPO report is 107 pages, not including endnotes and annexes.  It
contains recommendations which break new ground in commerce and extend new
rights and remedies to one group of Internet users.  These are not
decisions to be made quickly and certainly not by nine unelected,
unaccountable board members sitting in closed session.

ICANN has only one obligation to the Internet community right now and that
is to put into place a membership structure so that we can elect a new,
accountable board of directors.  Everything else is distraction, diversion,
and divisiveness.

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