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[Comment-Ip] Re: ICANN and WIPO in Berlin

In article <v01540b05b35bfa525fbb@[]> you wrote:
> Members of the ICANN Board of Directors:

> I join the others who are urging ICANN to defer any decisions regarding
> implementation of the WIPO Final Report to the Domain Name Supporting
> Organization when it is constituted.

> This WIPO report is 107 pages, not including endnotes and annexes.  It
> contains recommendations which break new ground in commerce and extend new
> rights and remedies to one group of Internet users.  These are not
> decisions to be made quickly and certainly not by nine unelected,
> unaccountable board members sitting in closed session.

> ICANN has only one obligation to the Internet community right now and that
> is to put into place a membership structure so that we can elect a new,
> accountable board of directors.  Everything else is distraction, diversion,
> and divisiveness.

I agree with this. The WIPO report is not an urgent matter. 
It should be deferred to the DNSO when it is constituted.
The formation of a fully functional ICANN with an elected board
and supporting organizations is more urgent, right now. 

Onno Hovers, ir./MSc., e-mail: onno@surfer.xs4all.nl