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[Comment-Ip] (no subject)

I am wriitng in response to the new rules and regulations being proposed by 
I find it unconcionable for the governing body to have charged hundreds of 
millions of dollars in fees for the registering of domain names to 
individuals to now do an about face and threaten to pull back those same 
rights to the original filer without compensation.  
The true beauty of the internet has been the fact that it is an open playing 
field....Unstructured, ungoverned, and free... the ultimate experiment in 
true laissez faire capitalism. Any individual with a computer and a modem can 
set up shop and do business. The entrenched corporate powers that now 
dominate international commerce and have succeeded in crushing competition 
from small startup companies have no more clout in the cybermarket than you 
or I. Those with the vision to realize the ultimate potential of the internet 
took it upon themselves to establish identities and market them before the 
corporate giants had digested the potential of the new medium. Now, forced to 
play catchup, the Masters of the World want to change the rules of the game 
and tilt the balance of power into there own court. There is an old saying on 
the street.."If you snooze, you lose".  
What you are attempting to do with these new constraints is destroy the very 
essence of this new marketplace. My question is, who the hell gave you people 
the authority to impose your arbitrary rules anyway? The internet belongs to 
no one..Cerrtainly not a bunch of government subsidized scientists and 
beaurocrats who owe their souls to government and industry It is bad enough 
that we have to pay for the right to get a domain...I challenge your 
authority to do this!
Jack Chernick