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[Comment-Mac] Re: 11. Standing for at-large Director

11.  Any individual who is a Member may stand for
    election as an at-large Director.  In the event
    that the number of candidates is so large as to
    discourage careful consideration by voters, then
    ICANN shall have the option of requiring all
    candidates to provide evidence of a reasonable
    amount of support from other Members for their
    candidacy.  ICANN shall take efforts, to the extent
    permitted by aplicable law, to encourage participation
    of candidates from regions where there may be a
    shortage of such volunteers. 

Rather than restricting candidacy, I suggest the use
of a transferable proxy where no member is permitted
to vote for themself and the votes for members receiving
the least votes are transferred to the candidate they
voted for.  The process being iterated until the winning
candidates are determined.  Note that using this method
there is no official registration of candidates.

Jim Williams