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[Comment-Mac] Re: 15. Method of voting and use of proxies.

15.  Voting shall be conducted using Internet-based methods to
     the greatest extent possible consistent with authentication     
requirements and applicable law.  ICANN will work to design
     a method of cumulative voting by electronic methods that
     satisfies the requirements of applicable law and enhances the
     likelihood of achieving quorums.  If proxies are used, they
     shall be limited to specific proxies which authorize and direct
     an officer of ICANN to vote exactly as specified in the proxy

Use of proxies should not be limited to officers and should
be transferable as well as enduring and unlimited, but revocation
of proxy must happen immediately upon the member's notice
of revocation and the member should always be permitted to
vote overriding the proxy in a given instance.

I'd also suggest topic limited allocation of proxies, but
properly determining what a topic is democratically turns
out to be a difficult mathematical problem.

Jim Williams.