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Dallas Conference first day report :-[

Jeff Williams wrote:
[big snip]

As editor of Cyberworld, the technology section of a local monthly
magazine, I took a reportorial approach to the announement of a "Dallas
Conference" to be attended by 85,000 people and attempted to ascertain
date, time, location, press release, hotel arrangements, or any external
proof outside of email messages from Jeff Williams.

I exchanged numerous private emails with JW, (private so as not to bother
the list).  On February 10, I provided a mailing address for my publication
and requested a press packet. Nothing was sent.   On February 15, when Jeff
announced date changes, I made a second request, asked for the materials to
be sent by FedEx (request denied), by snail mail (request denied), and
then, finally, by fax to my office number.  We received nada.  Nada over
the next four days.  Jeffy said he had confirmation of sending the fax, so
I guess that means he is calling me a liar, but the office received nothing
from him, from INEG, from Texas.  Not that I am surprised, but at least I
gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Other reporters received no press releases; major publications in the area
had no knowledge of the event. When I informed Jeffy that the Texas Stadium
had NO knowledge of the event or of INEG, our email exchanges stopped.

I was willing to drop this, just to pass it off as yet more distraction
from the private world of Jeff Williams.    However, now it appears these
lists are going to be subjected for the next three days to bogus
information about a bogus event.

So PLEASE let us NOT engage in further discussion about this fictitious
Dallas Conference.  Didn't happen.

If you must respond, say:   Deja moo.

It seems like we've heard all this bull before.

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